I’m honored to announce that on Tuesday, February 6, 2018, I qualified as a Democratic candidate for the Alabama House Of Representatives District 37.

I am running for this office, because I believe that I can be a positive, yet forceful voice for people of my District.

I embrace the principles of the Democratic Party, and promise my best to support and uphold them throughout my candidacy, and if elected, my terms of service.

I’m not a “politician.”  I’m just a woman — like all of you are men and women.   I’m a mom.  I have worked.   I have taught in public schools. I have grandchildren.  I have a 20-year-old grandson in Uncle Sam’s Army — 20 years old!   I have a business that is heavily regulated by the State.   So, I’m  bringing all that I am to this task.  So, I understand what all of us want — AND NEED — for ourselves and for our families.   So, I’m no politician.    But, President Theodore Roosevelt said “The most practical kind of politics is the politics of decency.”  This statement forms the core of what I believe about our governing bodies from the tiniest village, to the most cosmopolitan of communities — to The White House.   In pursuit of a renewed sense of decency, I am driven to take whatever steps are necessary to see people in my State — my children, neighbors, friends, church sisters and brothers, positioned to live better lives.  Other business owners like me, who run little “mom & pop” businesses, depend on their business to provide them a decent standard of living.   The way business survives is when all citizens thrive.   I believe we can do that right here in Alabama.  There are wonderful people in Alabama.  Some of the best people I know live right here in Randolph, Cleburne and Chambers Counties.

I have lived and worked in the State of Alabama all of my life.  I have seen many events and occurances
in this state, some that have made me proud; but some that have made me ashamed.   I want to be a part of a movement to erase the shame, and renew the pride.   If we don’t have a movement — WE NEED TO START ONE!  But, it begins with each of us.   The sky is the limit!   There is nothing we can’t do if we form strong coalitions, and work together for the common good of all.  That is what our democratic government is all about.

I believe it starts with HOPE.  People’s hope must be affirmed.   Then, we must cultivate TRUST.  We have got to get back to TRUSTING each other to be men and women of our word, and do what we know is right by our fellow citizens.  Both our state AND our country have become havens of distrust, immorality, indecency and nonchalance.   I want to change that.  If my one voice and my presence can impact just a few of us, then my living, and this campaign will not be in vain.

Finally just for the record: I am not bought and paid for — BY ANYBODY.  Nobody owns me.  Nobody tells me what to do; how to vote; who to support.  IF ELECTED.  My owners will be the people of District 37, and citizens of the grand and great State of Alabama.  NO MORE NO LESS.  THAT’S IT.

Your vote and support in the June 5 Democratic Primary Election, will be greatly appreciated.

I look forward to meeting each of you as I move around and visit the people of District 37.  I hope to learn more about you, your families, your concerns, and your issues.  Together, we can build a grass-roots movement to really make Alabama the “Sweet Home” that we’ve so fondly dubbed it.